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    API 5L X52 Line Pipe, Beveled End, 8 Inch, SCH 80. H.S CODE: 730419 Model: Export area:North America Central-South America ASIA Europe Africa Oceania Introduction: China Line Pipe Manufacturer Lufeng Offers API 5L X52 Seamless Line Pipes With End Caps, Beveled End, 8 Inch, SCH 80, 12M, ASME B36.10, Black Coated.

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  3. Ministry of Commerce of the P.R.China - China Commodity Net

    API SSAW Pipe manufacturer Lufeng supplies API 5L SSAW Pipe, APL 5CT SSAW Pipes with 5 to 20 mm Thickness and SRL / DRL Length, API SPEC 5L Approved. API 5L, APL 5CT SSAW Pipes Key Specifications / Features api5l x46 line pipe Line Pipe. H.S CODE: 730419 Model:

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    In the past, it was a pipe dream for people living in mountainous areas to have their muddy, unsurfaced roads transformed into quality highways. Good roads are the lifelines of isolated communities that connect them to bigger cities and allow them more opportunities to grow their economies.

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    Translate this pageAPI 5CTAPI 5L API 5CTAPI 5L api5l x46 line pipe Seamless Carbon steel Pipe Seamless line Pipes.

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